Modern life is a constant stream of different surprises and situations where often and very urgently might need a certain amount of money.
Often the money cannot be taken from the relatives or friends in debt. And today there is a good solution to this problem. The microloans, which became the most popular, easiest and fastest way to solve many cash problems.A microloan is a small duty in money for a short period, which is required, for example, to:

To pay for a particular product or service.
Quickly to pay the bills.
To organize a festive event.
To buy an expensive gift or necessities, etc.

The title here comes from two things:

The small size of the loan.
Small terms.

In Russia, microfinance is currently not as popular as abroad, especially in Asian and African countries. However, the trend of rapid development visibly traceable. For example, in many cities other than banks quickly open small outlets where you can get these microloans.

Micro-loans offer the following advantages:

The minimum number of necessary documents. As a rule, need only a passport.
Fast loan. Usually, the whole procedure lasts no more than 20 minutes.
A convenient way to obtain and repay debt.
The possibility of early payments.
Accessibility for each. To receive it is not always necessary to have a residence, place of work and a steady income.
When you receive does not look credit history, so it’s an opportunity to get a loan with bad credit history.
The transparency of the whole procedure, no additional conditions and no hidden fees.

Micro-loans available to the borrower under the agreement on the terms of maturity, repayment and interest payment. The term usually does not exceed 12 months. The loan, of course, have to pay interest. Loans are available in two ways:

1) in Cash through the cashier or the payment system. 2) by funds transfer to the account specified in the contract.

Before receiving microcredit will review the application, the examination procedure which comprises the following steps:

Check a potential borrower’s security service.
Check the creditworthiness of the borrower.
Examination of the application.
Assessment of the possible collateral.
The decision on granting of a microloan.

Grounds for refusal can be the following:

Insufficient provision of micro-loans.
Providing false false information.
The failure of the borrower.
Failure to meet the requirements of the organization.

When making a positive decision to prepare all required documents, executed contracts, and a schedule of payments.

In conclusion, we can say that, despite all the advantages of microloans, they are most significant drawback is a daily accrual of interest. This is understandable, as lending institutions are large risks, giving a loan to almost everyone without checking properly all the information. Because of the urgency and convenience means this type of loan for which and you will have to pay. That is what scares many borrowers. In case of breach of conditions of the contract financial institution are accepted all the possible ways of repayment of arrears, naturally in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

For individuals or small entrepreneurs who find it difficult to take the usual a cash loan on standard terms, a microloan is the best way to quickly improve the financial situation!