How much Bank have you?

Or how everyone, without exception,
must Russian banks? Possible problems of Russian borrowers.

Russian citizens by the beginning of this year had money to banks in the amount of 7.7 trillion rubles. This is a very impressive figure, however, in many countries, for example, in the USA it is much higher.
What usually people take loans?For car purchase (car loans).
Housing and real estate (mortgage).
The expansion or opening a business (business loans).
On investments (investment loans).
To buy home appliances, phones, televisions, computers, etc. (consumer lending).
Just on personal goals (loan for emergency needs).Programs of crediting is huge many and to list them all is impossible. The same applies to the purposes of the loan.
How many people in our country took the credit?

At least once a lending in Russia was 60 million people. If we consider total debt of Russian consumers to banks, it turns out that every citizen on average owes the Bank about 130 thousand rubles, which is quite impressive. However, compared with other countries this figure is small. On the shoulders of the residents of many other countries have been exacerbated by a serious debt burden.
What problems can expect Russian borrowers?

First, let’s note some peculiarities of the market of crediting of Russia:

The Russian borrowers is heavily leveraged.
Every tenth Russian borrower has more than 5 outstanding loans on hand.
The percentage of non-repayment of borrowed funds is very large.
Interest rates are very substantial.
In conditions of a rigid competition banks make loans knowing that borrowers will not be able to repay them.

All of these factors can have a negative impact on borrowers, should the global economy begin to experience any problems. Trouble borrowers will feel the full program. What economic factors can cause this to happen?

The increase in the unemployment rate.
The freezing of wages.
Lower prices for commodity products (one of the main sources of replenishment of the Russian budget).

However, we should not talk about the bad. In some cases, credit may be beneficial, for example:

With the growth of housing prices, which you bought under the program of mortgage lending.
If successful, the extension or opening of a business on the funds business loan.
When student loan, which allowed us to find a good job.
When you purchase transportation equipment on credit, which further brought more substantial income, etc.

The perpetrators of the problems of Russian borrowers.

According to the above-described problems, the situation for borrowers is very dangerous. To blame:

The borrowers themselves, who often do not expect their strength.
Banks that give out loans to all and Sundry and pursue an aggressive marketing policy, literally forcing the citizens to repay the loans. The main purpose of banks often issue more loans.

Also the main culprit can be named and the competition for customers, which unfolded in the lending market. Soon banks will be forced to even issue loans to pensioners, to increase the number of its customers. In conclusion, we should say that the situation in the near future will not change.

Competition will continue to grow.
The popularity of lending will continue to increase.
To get a loan will be easier and easier.
On the shoulders of the borrowers will assume all the large and heavy loads.
The number of employed funds will continue to grow.